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FOLL is a charity managed entirely by volunteers.  Although most of our conservation work is done by volunteer work parties, it needs funds to buy maintenance and construction materials and to employ contractors for large scale landscaping, tree management etc. Current projects include:

  • year-round feeding for tits and finches
  • extension of reed-beds
  • maintenance of hides and fences
  • habitat management for wildfowl and waders

If you can help fund our work, you can:

  • donate here, using the Paypal button below
  • send  a cheque  to The Treasurer, Friends of Lavell’s Lake, c/o Dinton Pastures Countryside Service, Davis Street, Hurst, Reading, RG10 0TH
  • make a bank transfer to: Friends of Lavell’s Lake, HSBC, 1 Market Place, Wokingham, RG40 1AL: sort code 40 47 09; account  71132482 (please add the reference “FOLL conservation”)
  • remember FOLL in your will to continue our work into the future

If you would like to discuss our work or making a donation, please contact FOLL Secretary, Jane Campbell,

Your donation will be worth 25% more to FOLL if you can gift aid it. If you are a UK taxpayer and have not already made a declaration to FOLL, please send us your Gift Aid Declaration.

FOLL’s need for Legacy Gifts

Long term the challenges to funding the wider nature reserve areas of Lavell’s and Lea Farm Gravel Pit (LFGP) are that LFGP is owned by Summeleaze Ltd and while we have had more than 10 years since 2006 of highly positive and productive conservation work carried out, not least the construction of Berkshire’s best bird watching hide, a future is not guaranteed.

In the long run Summerleaze Ltd will be able to and is likely to choose to sell the landfill site when it no longer requires methane and leachate management. This may be as far into the future as 2030, but it may be sooner. When the decision comes to sell off, FOLL will have already needed to negotiated something that offers a long term future for the lake, put simply if a fishing club, or any other venture takes owenership, then all our past efforts will be in vain.

Like so many charities we have begun looking at long term funding, might a bigger conservation organisation such as BBOWT, or even The RSPB want to consider what could be achieved? We simply don’t know yet.

One option regardless of these avenues is formally asking for people to remember us in their Will.

UK charities received over £2.24bn in 2016 and we should be no exception, we have already had gifts without us putting the idea into people’s heads that we have long term needs to fund ourselves more substantially.

There is lots to think about and the impacts on our very constitution should we choose a path to land ownership, but for now, please do consider remembering us in your Will. Any gift to a charity is tax free and up to £3,000 per year can be donated out side of any legacy gift arrangement….your accountant can tell you all about it, or check out HMRC pages