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Latest sightings

Bird News Alerts

FOLL members can elect to receive news of rare/uncommon bird sightings – This service is only available on smartphones through WhatsApp, members join for a subscription of £2.00 year. If you are already a FOLL member, you can simply subscribe by going to our donate page and use the reference FriendsOfLavells. Existing members can also go to the Member Services page (requires your FOLL login) and subscribe from there.

People joining for the first time can subscribe as they register as a member via our become a member page,

The service is administrated by Fraser Cottington and allows all subscribers to receive and send alerts, along with sharing record shots of their sightings, sharing up to the minute details on any given bird’s location, etc.

WhatsApp can only be installed on a smartphone (i.e. Android, IOS, Windows) and once you’ve done this, as long as you’ve already provided FOLL with your mobile number and activated your WhatsApp status, Fraser will send you a WhatsApp notification that you have been added to the group.  This will only be done once he has confirmed receipt of the subscription fee.

 Please note that your number (not your name) will be visible to all members of the group, not just those people you know and who already have your number in their contacts.   If you have any misgivings about other FOLL bird news subscribers seeing your number, please do not join the group.

Upon joining you will also be sent the website members area access details and FOLL WhatsApp code of conduct.